Starting this blog will give me the tools to create, grow, inspire, inform, and expand on my journey of the creative process I call ART and everything it encompasses.  Botanical Art through the eyes of someone who loves to putter in the garden.  Being an Interior Designer covers a large part of shall I say grass field s of plenty.  So many aspects to my work can relate to other areas of life.  It is my thought that any stretch of road your on be it easy for some difficult for others, has an end result. A Journey taken… A history made…  I would like to share some of my embellished history of BEAUTY in all forms of ART… My core and PEACE…. WELL,  that is my family,  my home, my solace… MY fiber.  Without them my ARTFUL SOUL  would have never been fortunate enough to have blossomed…  I hope you  ENJOY …BE BRAVE …

Find your peace….