What you think may be one way, when actually the opposite is true.

Take for example a BOTANICAL THISTLE STALK.  Thistle needles are HARSH, STIFF, and have a prickled like texture, yet up close, they have such a supple warm BEAUTY.

Try to keep in mind that what is on the outside may be so very different from what is actually  on the inside.

When you really discover this, your creative process will flourish.  Not all things are the same, consider a beautifully constructed ottoman.  It will serve you well as an ottoman yes… But why not use it for a coffee table?   How about a fabulous vanity display for your bath. Maybe place a set of POTS with floras.   Use different items for different things.  Think outside the box.. Fill an OLD COKE bottle with beans, any tone you like.  Maybe paint an OLD FLOUR sifter and fill it with HERBS.  When placing decorative items together, use your creativity to give your collection  a PUNCH ….  Honest, it will work….  You will start to understand threads, textiles, sheens, fabric finishes, surfaces, etc.  All this designing, shaping, developing, will start to become natural.   Your EYES will look at things differently and really SEE… COLOR, FORMAT, SHAPE, TONE ,TEXTURE, and design. If you OPEN your eyes,  all ideas will start to  surface, and  a focus on design/decor  will   enter your place, your space, your home, your comfort, your surroundings that give you JOY.   You will see a room not as” 4 WALLS”, but as a palette ready for your true passions.  TRUST YOURSELF… DESIGN is FUN, FAB, and so REWARDING… BE BRAVE… SUBTLEASPECTS

A collage of your favorites, your passions, your soul, your,,,,,,,YOU!