Ok…. Here we go another Summer in the garden. Start slow, don’t be overwhelmed! Take a small bed and move the soil, freshen up the appearance of your garden art. Now is the time to add shake and feed to the soil. You will be thankful you did come august. If you have some plantings that flourished last year, now is the time to loosen the soil.Maybe splice a hosta if needed. Hosta adds such life to any border!!! Get your sprinklers in order, in just a few weeks we will talk about annual planting… Use your blower to clean up a patio, fill any torches, or table elements you have.Make sure your patio is ready for the season. Clean up those birdhouses, repaint, any iron garden decor. A quick spray paint freshens up beautiful step stones. I use iron TRIVOTS, and spray them to accent the garden. One last thing, I have found using battery lanterns, for your garden, creates an amazing effect come dusk. Pop one on a shepards hook, and you will feel as though the family room has moved outside!
Ps…. Freshen up your summer wreaths!!! SUBTLEASPECTS