Be YOU….

Recently I became aware that there are so many people who are striving to be something that they are not. Find what you’re good at find your strengths find your own VIBE in life…. whether it be your journal, poetry, painting, collage, sketch, fashion, whatever it is, be YOURSELF….Find your peace

Watercolor on Paper E. Haney

Love of all things textured….

It’s amazing how adding two or three different textures can change up your space. Interest, that’s what we want right?

Juxtaposition!!!!! Use it as much as you can to create a beautiful vibe….

Form at its most unique and FUN..
She sits with me in the studio….Find your peace


Beautiful wares….Comfort of home..
Find your peace

Let the Sun Shine

During this pandemic I had lots of creative ideas I didn’t know how many would come to fruition but here’s one that I loved….. A bedroom should be a sanctuary you go to the smell of your perfume I sit and relax time to journal, and just be you. I always wanted my bed centered on the wall however it was a large window so I decided well I’ll take it out there’s lots of light in the room there’s other windows, oh my goodness …… happiness made!!!! it was like feathers in the air…. find your peace.