And there are some days where your creativity flows like the water from the spout. A few days ago I was with a friend and we both are great sidewalk watchers. Let me help you understand what that is. A sidewalk watcher, is a person who looks for things that people put out at the end of the driveway they want to get rid of, they don’t want anymore, they are all set with that decor item…it’s OLD hat to them, but yet to another It has the possibility to be extraordinary.

While bringing my friend home, she noticed a stool at the end of a driveway. Just the cutest stool with a different type of element in the center that was coiled, sitting on a triangular base. It was quite beat up, ugly, blonde and looked like it was ready for trash. It needed some LOVE….

So with that being said, she said that’s pretty cool don’t you think ? I said without a doubt. I turn the car around pulled in the driveway, and grab the free stool. Now I will mention creative wise my friend is extremely creative and has a wonderful eye. She was in touch with me today, and texted….. I’m done, and it’s great, she said, so I thought I would show you what she sent me ….For What she called and I quote “not bad for free”. Not bad AMAZING!!

Beautiful rubbish!!!!!
Turn coil center stool

To take something from nothing is one of the greatest pleasures of being a designer. Find something on the side of the road, or inside your home, or hidden in a dusty attic, but find some thing and start, start your journey….PEACE