When choosing a paint tone for interior living, make sure you do your homework. Look through the relative periodicals that you would like for different ideas and opinions light versus dark, stark versus warm, using these tools will guide you, and, all these should come into consideration when you paint a room. Take into account first and foremost, how much light is in the room. Will it have much natural light? Does light come from a window or a skylight. If by chance you’re not fortunate to have any natural light, make sure you bring in electrical sources. light that cannot exist without a power source. Perhaps a standing beautiful lamp with UP lighting. Maybe two buffet style lamps that add height to the end of a long sofa. Keep in mind your needs. An up light for reading ability, small lighting helps for intricate areas as well as accenting areas at night, Most of all, lighting for your pathways. This is the ease of entering and exiting a room. I’ll talk about the use of candles in my next post.

Most new homes have the gift of recessed lighting well that’s great for the new home, but When you’re buying an older home a central theme light is the norm. Meaning one fixture is placed in the center of the room. If in fact the main part of the room has a chandelier, make sure you have the fixture placed on a dimmer switch. THIS IS IMPORTANT!!! There’s nothing worse than walking into a room that is much too bright from a central light source. Make sure that the bulbs you choose are a warm tone, by this I mean an ivory cast versus a blue cast.

As you well know, we live in New England, Unfortunately 4-5 months of the year, we have a grey cast from the seasons, we want warmth to radiate in our spaces NOT stark cold.I repeat NOT STARK cold!

Now, with that being said, let’s move on…

Hmmmmmmm GREY

I am not here to say don’t use grey, however be very careful in your choices. Yes most people tend to lean towards grey, especially with the now and happening furniture choices.


It is rare that I use a true grey. My grey that I use is called greige. Now some would say that’s not thinking outside of the box, I say it’s keeping your head happy, my home elegant, and my design luxurious.

CREATE the effect of a beautiful environment with a stunning rich tone of warmth, rich comforting hues, GREIGE, that’s right beige with the undertone of grey can and will knock your socks off….trust me! No more wet cement!!!! PEACE

Accent Wall with GREIGE,,and ivory snow B Moore Co. C. Davis work (hand striped)