Warmth of Spring

Change things up! Put those wool pillows away and bring on light! Cottons , linens, for a cool Spring/Summer elegance.

Hues of HAPPY

Comfort in color

When choosing a paint tone for interior living, make sure you do your homework. Look through the relative periodicals that you would like for different ideas and opinions light versus dark, stark versus warm, using these tools will guide you, and, all these should come into consideration when you paint a room. Take into account first and foremost, how much light is in the room. Will it have much natural light? Does light come from a window or a skylight. If by chance you’re not fortunate to have any natural light, make sure you bring in electrical sources. light that cannot exist without a power source. Perhaps a standing beautiful lamp with UP lighting. Maybe two buffet style lamps that add height to the end of a long sofa. Keep in mind your needs. An up light for reading ability, small lighting helps for intricate areas as well as accenting areas at night, Most of all, lighting for your pathways. This is the ease of entering and exiting a room. I’ll talk about the use of candles in my next post.

Most new homes have the gift of recessed lighting well that’s great for the new home, but When you’re buying an older home a central theme light is the norm. Meaning one fixture is placed in the center of the room. If in fact the main part of the room has a chandelier, make sure you have the fixture placed on a dimmer switch. THIS IS IMPORTANT!!! There’s nothing worse than walking into a room that is much too bright from a central light source. Make sure that the bulbs you choose are a warm tone, by this I mean an ivory cast versus a blue cast.

As you well know, we live in New England, Unfortunately 4-5 months of the year, we have a grey cast from the seasons, we want warmth to radiate in our spaces NOT stark cold.I repeat NOT STARK cold!

Now, with that being said, let’s move on…

Hmmmmmmm GREY

I am not here to say don’t use grey, however be very careful in your choices. Yes most people tend to lean towards grey, especially with the now and happening furniture choices.


It is rare that I use a true grey. My grey that I use is called greige. Now some would say that’s not thinking outside of the box, I say it’s keeping your head happy, my home elegant, and my design luxurious.

CREATE the effect of a beautiful environment with a stunning rich tone of warmth, rich comforting hues, GREIGE, that’s right beige with the undertone of grey can and will knock your socks off….trust me! No more wet cement!!!! PEACE

Accent Wall with GREIGE,,and ivory snow B Moore Co. C. Davis work (hand striped)

Spring Garden

Ok…. Here we go another Summer in the garden. Start slow, don’t be overwhelmed! Take a small bed and move the soil, freshen up the appearance of your…

Spring Garden

WE need our STUFF

Here we go, we all sit down at night, after work, after grocery shopping, after running all of our errands. We sit, and we want to have a quiet peaceful space. Yeah that’s right we all have our own STUFF!!! I don’t know about you, but I know many people and yes we need our stuff and need ALL of our stuff!!! We need our lotion at night because our hands are dry from gloves, we need each remote for whatever device we are watching. Remote to watch our television well of course! How about our favorite magazine that we can rifle through and get ideas for the following day. Maybe you have a favorite book that you keep on your coffee table, I do. I’m sure they’re quite a few of you who may need some readers. whether they’re prescription or not it doesn’t matter but they need to stay, we need our coasters, tissues,napkins,etc.So with all this being said why can’t we make it beautiful? Why can’t we make it really beautiful? We can…..

Don’t settle for the cardboard box of tissues decide that you’re going to find a tissue holder, if it doesn’t work with your decor, destress it, paint it, make it your own. How about some thing to caddy all the remote controls? Well yes find a remote holder or find what would be a silverware holder and use it as a remote holder paint it maybe even stencil it doesn’t really matter as long as it works with your decor your vibe. It sounds extremely trivial doesn’t it but especially after a year of being home because of what is transpiring in this world, why don’t we make our spaces beautiful…JUST A THOUGHT….Peace

Beautiful FUNCTION
Favorites at hand
Night vision
Favorites at fingertips!

ROADSIDE ahhhRubbish……

And there are some days where your creativity flows like the water from the spout. A few days ago I was with a friend and we both are great sidewalk watchers. Let me help you understand what that is. A sidewalk watcher, is a person who looks for things that people put out at the end of the driveway they want to get rid of, they don’t want anymore, they are all set with that decor item…it’s OLD hat to them, but yet to another It has the possibility to be extraordinary.

While bringing my friend home, she noticed a stool at the end of a driveway. Just the cutest stool with a different type of element in the center that was coiled, sitting on a triangular base. It was quite beat up, ugly, blonde and looked like it was ready for trash. It needed some LOVE….

So with that being said, she said that’s pretty cool don’t you think ? I said without a doubt. I turn the car around pulled in the driveway, and grab the free stool. Now I will mention creative wise my friend is extremely creative and has a wonderful eye. She was in touch with me today, and texted….. I’m done, and it’s great, she said, so I thought I would show you what she sent me ….For What she called and I quote “not bad for free”. Not bad AMAZING!!

Beautiful rubbish!!!!!
Turn coil center stool

To take something from nothing is one of the greatest pleasures of being a designer. Find something on the side of the road, or inside your home, or hidden in a dusty attic, but find some thing and start, start your journey….PEACE


One of the easiest things to do in design, is to look around and find a space that lacks some thing. Look at that space and make note of how you would like it to be.

Set your sights high, and let your mind drift look through magazines, color charts, paint chips, anything that will catch your eye. in doing this you can open up a whole new area of creativity and what I call starting from corner to corner.

Looking at one room as a whole can be devastating sometimes when you don’t know where to start, so let’s do this, start with the first corner that you see…. from here you will decide maybe what you want your paint choice to be maybe you have a set of beautiful pictures you want to hang maybe you’ll change a curtain in a corner window. But most importantly START…..

Corner at night

Ahhhhh, sunshine morning…..

Who I AM….

I am one of FOURTEEN children the last girl of eight, with SIX amazing brothers. Growing up my dreams were small, I would be a fashion designer, then…

Who I AM….

Clean, re-juvenate,put your STAMP on it!

Hues of IVORY

Using color is a natural when designing your home, however, at times, the absence of color can give a striking WOW factor. Remember when choosing a tonal value, be careful with dim, cold, non shall I say BOOM Factor shades.

Natural LIGHT beauty